26 Sept 2016 | Target Mains: GS Questions

GS I (Geography) (Duplex)

What is sea floor spreading?  Explain with the evidences in support of it. Describe link between it and the Plate Tectonic Theory

GS II (Representation of People Acts) (Duplex)

The Representation of People Acts (RPA) of 1950 and 1951 form the foundation of electoral democracy in India. Elucidate the limitations RPAs & measures required to strengthen it.

GS III (Issues relating to intellectual property rights) (Hattrick)

New Intellectual Property Rights Policy 2016, designed to strengthen India’s IPR regime “to foster creativity and innovation,” indicates that it has put the interests of intellectual property owners, or global capital above that of public. Critically examine.

GS IV (Ethics) (Hattrick)

What is meant by environmental ethics? Why is it important to study? Discuss any one environmental issue from the view point of environmental ethics ?

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