[29 Nov 2017 | Low Priority News Items of the Day]

Low Priority News Items of the Day:

Kharola appointed CMD of AI

Senior IAS officer Pradeep Singh Kharola has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of Air India, official sources said on Tuesday.

The UPSC generally don’t ask personality based questions. Therefore, this news is of very less importance from the exam perspective.


NHRC notice to Maharashtra govt.

The National Human Rights Commission on Tuesday issued notices to police and government authorities in Maharashtra over the alleged expulsion of a school student in Latur after she complained of rape by an Army personnel.

Not every notice issues by the NHRC is important from the UPSC perspective. Only those notices are important which can have any significant affect on government policies.


‘CPI(M) cannot be part of an alliance with the Congress’

At a time when the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is debating its political tactical line that will determine its position under the Opposition umbrella, the party’s former general secretaryPrakash Karatargues that there is no place for the CPI(M) in a Congress-led alliance. With the CPI(M) line to be decided at the crucial party congress in April 2018, he discusses the current political scenario, the challenge the Left faces in Tripura, and CPI(M)-RSS tensions in Kerala

The Op-Ed is about some political statements given by a senior leader. These kind of political statements on important and crucial issues are not important from the UPSC perspective.

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