[31 Jan 2018 | Low Priority News Items of the Day]

Low Priority News Items of the Day:

Murmurs spreading in NDA

January has been a cruel month so far for the BJP as the dominant party in the NDA. Ally after ally, from the west, south and east, have registered their displeasure at its handling of allies. And with the talk of calling early Lok Sabha elections in the air, the complaints have become loud and bitter.

It is a political article. In the article, writer is discussing political strategy of BJP and its allies. These kind of political articles are not important from UPSC Perspective.


Siege of terror

With four attacks in 10 days that killed at least 158 people in Afghanistan, terrorists have sent a loud message to the government and its international backers. Of the four, two were claimed by the Taliban — the raid on January 20 in Kabul’s tightly-guarded Intercontinental Hotel and the January 27 ambulance bombing in a busy street.

The Op-Ed talks about the US policies in Afghanistan and against Taliban. As it does not directly related to India’s foreign policy, it is not important from the UPSC’s point of view.

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