[4 Oct 2017 | Low Priority News Items of the Day]

Low Priority Items of the Day:

WEF’s India summit starts today

World Economic Forum’s 33rd India Economic Summit will kick off on Wednesday, in partnership with industry body CII. The theme of the conference is ‘Creating Indian Narratives on Global Challenges’.

Important part of the news is given above.


Excise duty on petrol, diesel cut by Rs. 2

The government on Tuesday slashed the excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs. 2 per litre, effective from October 4. “This decision has been taken to cushion the impact of rising international prices of crude petroleum oil and petrol and diesel on retail sale prices as well as to protect the interest of common man,” the Finance Ministry said.

It is not important to note down increase or decrease in excise duty and other taxes. Just try to know effects of this increase or decrease, how it effects economy, employment, etc.


Can India protect Rohingya, SC asks govt.

Can India protect a large section of humanity comprising Rohingya women, children, the sick and the old who are “really suffering”? This is the question the Supreme Court wants the government to answer. The government, meanwhile, said the crisis over its move to deport 40,000 Rohingya was not “justiciable”, that is, the issue outside the Supreme Court’s domain.

We are waiting for the final judgement on the issue. No need to keep an eye on the court proceedings, if you know the basics of the issue. After the judgement, we will definitely write newscards on it.


Carnage in Vegas

The famous Las Vegas Strip became the scene of a bloody gun rampage when a shooter fired high-powered automatic rounds into dense crowds at a music concert, killing at least 59 people and injuring more than 500.

The Op-Ed talks about the reasons that caused the recent mass shooting in the US. No need to stick to this news, just try to know the main reason behind this incident(which was already covered in other newscards written by us). Internal issues of other countries are not part of the UPSC syllabus, unless they effect India’s interests.

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