[Announcement] A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. Get into the mindset of an elite exam taker

We have always believed that every cloud has a silver lining, and so is with the surprise of reduction in (-200) intake quota for UPSC 2018. To paraphrase Paul Romer, the noted Stanford economist: “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”.

What does a reduction in intake quota mean for an IAS aspirant?

  1. This year, UPSC has the lowest recruitment in the whole decade (782 vacancies i.e. 198 less than last year and 511 jobs less than the best year-2014.)
  2. This means less number of candidates will get chance to write Mains or appear in Interview
  3. This means less number of candidates will qualify through the prelims. Expect the number to go down to ~9,000

Understandably, this may crush the morale of the freshers who are bound to compete with senior aspirants, in-service officers who wish to improve their ranks. But here lies the catch:

Most people react hysterically when an unforeseen announcement comes through. Same stuff happened with the introduction of ethics paper and reduction of one optional paper. Hold your ground right now and don’t give in to the peer induced anxiety:

  1. Don’t get lost in your historical attempts: A fresh mindset has the best chance to increase his/her efforts and focus just on cracking the prelims exam right now rather than getting lost in his/ her historical optional, mains attempt analysis
  2. Get good at guessing questions right: Low IAS intake = Increased competition = Spiraling cut-offs = More guesswork = Higher chances of errors = Lower chances of selection through prelims
  3. To ensure that you use point #2 induced frenzy to your advantage, solve a lot of papers starting today. Get great at calculated guessing or what Dr. Vipin Garg here at CD calls as “The Art of Tikdams”
  4. Revise, repeat the Current Affairs on a weekly basis and attempt monthly tests to ensure you leave nothing from past 1-2 year window

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