[Announcement] Appeal to all students @Civilsdaily

Last night (around 12 to 1), our website underwent a major database crash.

The reasons are still under investigation but most probable causes are server side mishap, hack attempt or features like bookmarks which everyone loved but were expensive operations on the server.

What’s bad? 

It resulted in us loosing our content from January 2017 till date. Fortunately, we are in the process of restoring all the Newscards which will be followed by Prelims daily and Art & Culture, Indian Geography modules. Unfortunately we wont be able to restore forum posts and some blogs which helped many students. We know it sucks!

At this our of need, we will be counting on everyone’s support. Just to let you know – Nothing makes us more happier than our students benefitting from our hard work.

The content will remain accessible via our monthly magazine compilations, we would request you to buy them from our instamojo store by clicking here

What’s good?

Your personal data is safe with us. Your emails, phone numbers and other relevant information wrt your attempts etc. was stored in a secondary server and that is safe

What’s worse?

Lack of support by our student community.

We woke up to this news of server crash and loss of data. We are not going to overburden you with the cost involved in getting the system up and running and subsequent maintenance cost required to see that it does not happen again but suffice to say that it will be the upwards of 20 lakhs.

That’s not it, since morning our content team has been busy restoring the old data so students get to have the current affairs in a few days time. That is a lot of hard work and commitment on our part. However when we see our students rating the app 1 or 2 stars because news is late or some filters are not working, we really wonder if THIS IS ALL WORTH THE TROUBLE OR NOT.

Civilsdaily is the ONLY platform which does not lord over its users by telling them how humble their content team is, how much qualified the content writers are, whether they have left the services or not, whether they sacrificed an IAS rank or are still preaching despite that.

We do not believe in blowing our own trumpet. We do not like creating an army of bhakts or anonymous users hence we coded all the forum and ensured that profiles come with authentic names.

We do not believe in duping you into believing that we actually predict UPSC prelims, hence when we devised the Art of Tikdams with Dr. Vipin Garg who is now an IAS with the state of Gujarat, we clearly called out that unless you practice early on and strengthen your basics, they will not at all help you. We even released the whole compilation for FREE over here but this is the height of ungratefulness of some the students (including some rankers) that one of the Top 10 rankers of UPSC this year asked us to return/ refund the FLAGSHIP Course fees because that person could get a single digit rank!

Offline shops masquerading as coaching classes can afford to do so and probably we could also have parted with 100% of the course fees but what does it tell about that IAS officer, student or us.

We did not do that and we dropped our idea of asking the ranker to write a glowing review about us OR make a video OR do any such thing which will get the next 50 clueless aspirant be a part of CD just because a single digit ranker says so.

We cannot force you buy our magazines or support us via your voluntary contribution since this is the era of robinhoods like Raz Kr. and others but we fail to understand why despite our earnest efforts on current affairs curation, target mains mentoring and prelims daily tikdams… we get to face ungrateful students who look for free lunches and are miffed otherwise. 

We only hope that some of them were first timers on the CD ecosystem and request that they change their ratings soon.

Here is the link to CD’s Playstore Page – Click here

We are working hard to get the website up and restore the lost data and will write a full blown summary on what happened and what next.

Till then,

Be good. Do good.

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