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Argentina becomes 72nd country to sign solar agreement


Mains Paper 2: IR | Important International institutions, agencies & fora, their structure, mandate

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: International Solar Alliance

Mains level: India’s initiatives for transition towards Renewable Energy


  • Argentina has become the 72nd country to sign the Framework Agreement of the International Solar Alliance (ISA).
  • Countries which have recently signed the agreement until now include India, France, Australia, UAE, UK, Japan amongst others.

About ISA

  1. The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is a group of 121 solar resource-rich countries with headquarters in Gurugram, India.
  2. The agreement was opened for signature during the COP22 at Marrakech on November 15, 2016.
  3. The organisation aims to deploy over 1,000 gigawatt of solar energy and mobilise more than USD 1,000 billion into solar power by 2030.

India-Argentine Relations

  1. With India–Argentina trade just touching $ 3 billion in the last ten years, leaders of both sides agree to increase their cooperation further to improve economic relations.
  2. They are celebrating the 70th year of the establishment of diplomatic ties between.
  3. Both agreed on cooperation in the agriculture sector, trade and investments, defence, Lithium Mining and Space.
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