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Army-Air Force conduct exercise to gauge offensive capabilities in Southern theatre


Mains Paper 3: Internal Security | Various Security forces & agencies & their mandate

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Hamesha vijayee exercise, Southern command

Mains level: Various training exercises undertaken by army and their importance


Testing capabilities for integrated air-land battle

  1. In an effort to gauge the offensive capabilities of the military in the Southern theatre, formations of the Southern Command are conducting an exercise, titled ‘Hamesha Vijayee’ (always victorious), in Jaisalmer-Barmer region, Rajasthan
  2. The exercise, which is being conducted in association with the Air Force, will help evaluate the capability of the armed forces in an integrated air-land battle
  3. The key aim is to fine tune surveillance and destruction mechanisms to support precision strikes and maneuvers by network-enabled forces

Southern command of Army

  1. Southern Command has its area of responsibility spread over 40 percent of the land area of the country
  2. It is headquartered in Pune
  3. The Southern Command undertakes such exercises at regular intervals to ensure a high degree of battle readiness as well as validation of operational plans using modern weapons and equipment

Unique exercise

  1. Besides large-scale conventional warfare, troops will also be rehearsed to operate in the backdrop of chemical and nuclear contingencies
  2. The exercise showcases a high degree of synergy between the Army and Air Force, along with new generation aviation assets of the army

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