Social Media: Prospect and Challenges

BBC launches fake news fight-back with global campaignIOCR


Mains Paper 3: Internal Security | Role of media & social networking sites in internal security challenges

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Beyond Fake News Project

Mains level: Menace of fake news in India and measures to curb it


Beyond Fake News Project

  1. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has devised a new campaign that is aimed at fighting back against disinformation and fake news.
  2. It lays a major focus on global media literacy, including workshops and debates in countries like India.
  3. In 2018 BBC has pledged that the World Service Group would move beyond just talking about the global ‘fake news’ threat, and take concrete steps to address it.
  4. The most highlighted initiatives under the Project includes:
  • In-depth research of Funding
  • Sharing online behaviors,
  • Rolling out media literacy workshops globally
  • BBC Reality Check for upcoming elections

Initiatives for India

  1. The project will include panel debates in India and Kenya, hackathons exploring tech solutions.
  2. It will include a special season of programming across the BBC’s networks in India, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the US and Central America.
  3. The Beyond Fake News media literacy programme has already begun delivering workshops in India and Kenya, drawing on work to tackle disinformation in the UK,
  4. Digital literacy workshops have also been delivered to schools across these countries.

Research on Disinformation

  1. The BBC has also conducted wide-ranging research into how and why disinformation is shared after users gave its researchers unprecedented access to their encrypted messaging apps in India, Kenya, and Nigeria.
  2. The complete findings of the research will be made public next week to coincide with the launch of the Beyond Fake News Season.
  3. The season will include ‘Fake Me’, a documentary revealing how far young people will go in pursuit of social media perfection.
  4. There will also be reports on how Facebook is being exploited in the Philippines to spread false information.

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