[Book Launch] Ethics, Integrity And Aptitude: A Book by Mitra Sir

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Ever since GS IV ethics paper has been introduced in IAS, Mitra Sir has taken lead and mentored more than 10000 candidates all over India.

Consequently, we have have more than 100 results to our credit including all India rank 2, 11, 33, etc in previous years.

Now Mitra Sir has come out with book compiled in two volumes which is the closest to the specific demands of IAS examination. Apart from syllabus topics, books also covers peripheral topics so that students could get a comprehensive view. Introduction Ethics is all about choice. To make choice one need not to have any specialized training or degree.

All the time we all, irrespective of our educational background (with or without), make choices. But, yes, if we practice ethical reasoning or get acquainted with some moral theories, definitely we will be in better position to make sensible choices. Today global concern is not merely ethics. Rather it is the inculcation of values because just by knowing what is good or bad does not make us to do right things.

Ethics can ensure outer desired behaviour. It can impose certain rules, regulations, laws or code of conduct superficially only. All these would be followed under given compulsion. But they might be broken the moment these compulsions are no more. Real transformation in the system and society can come only if values are imbibed. That is, if sound values are inculcated within, the action becomes voluntary, spontaneous and self motivated.

Naturally, such actions will be effective, humane and wholesome in nature.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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