Air Pollution

Bulk of Delhi’s pollution comes from neighbouring States

  1. Source: An analysis of Delhi’s air pollution and future trends by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), a CSIR body
  2. 60% of Delhi’s particulate matter pollution comes from neighbouring Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
  3. Moreover, even if Delhi were to adopt the cleanest-grade fuel available, ensure that power plants in the vicinity adopt stringent emissions and ensure tidy pavements, pollution would persist well above globally-recommended safe levels, unless neighbouring states too adopted similarly stringent policies
  4. Even if Delhi’s neighbours were to cooperate, it would at best halve Delhi’s pollution and still be short of the government-ideal of 40 microgram/cubic metre
  5. Why? This is because of Delhi’s geographical location and land-use pattern are such that a fixed mass of PM will persist
  6. Delhi’s PM pollution hovers between 300 and 900 microgram/cubic metre, depending on the weather
  7. Transport sector contributed nearly a fifth of the PM 2.5

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