Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Butterflies survey in Western Ghats


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Read the attached story

Mains level : Western Ghats and its biodiversity richness

The Western Ghats is still home to large varieties of butterflies points out a survey in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS).

Highlights of the survey

  • The survey was done jointly by the Forest and Wildlife Department in association with the Ferns Nature Conservation Society (FNCS).
  • The survey was mainly aimed at assessing the butterfly diversity in the forest areas of the region, which is vulnerable to climatic changes.
  • Researchers sighted 191 species, 12 of which are endemic to the biodiversity-rich region.
  • The first-time sighting of Silver forget me not, Common three ring, and Brown onyx was also recorded.
  • The diversity was very rich in areas where plants such as Mikania micrantha and Lantana camera remained dominant.

Significance of butterflies

  • Butterflies are one of the best bio-indicators.
  • The sighting of 191 species of butterflies is an evidence of a healthy butterfly habitat in the region.
  • But the degradation of the riparian forest in many part of the region may adversely affect the butterfly habitat in the near future.
  • The diversity of butterflies is affected where alien invasive plants such as Senna spectabilis invade other endemic plants.
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