Cyber Security – CERTs, Policy, etc

Centre plans stronger defenses for key data


Mains Paper 3: Internal Security | Cyber Security

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Not Much

Mains level: Rising threat of cyber attacks and data leakages


Information Security Policy and Guidelines to be updated

  1. Worried about sensitive information making its way into the Internet, the Home Ministry is upgrading policy to secure government data and control access to it.
  2. Earlier the files were locked in a cupboard and accountability could be fixed, but with the advent of Digital India, a number of issues were in a grey area.
  3. In light of the evolving cyber threats, MHA directed that the National Information Security Policy and Guidelines (NISPG) be upgraded and updated for the government sector.

Major issues

  1. There are issues relating to the physical security of a computer. If it becomes obsolete then the hard disk discarded poses a threat of leakage.
  2. There are issues relating to the network as well.
  3. If the information is riding on own cyber cable, then everything can be encrypted, but if it is riding on a commercially available one, then it will have to make sure that guidelines are complied with.
  4. The whole policing system in India that began in 1860 now needs to be replicated in cyberspace. It will evolve gradually.
  5. The new guidelines will also take care of that.

Other details

The new policy would cover issues pertaining to the Official Secrets Act.

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