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Clean Ganga: Corporates to fix sewage in towns

The government has been inviting corporates, both in the public and private sector, to ‘adopt’ towns and cities of their choice and fix the sewerage system there.

  1. The govt. has decided that urban sewage management would be entrusted to corporate houses instead of municipal and civic agencies.
  2. There are 118 towns and cities on the bank of the Ganga and each one of them is up for ‘adoption’ by corporate groups.
  3. The companies are being asked to invest in improving sewage networks and setting up treatment plants.
  4. The companies can recover their investment, and also make profits, from the fixed annuities that the government will pay them during this period.
  5. The urban local bodies, especially in smaller towns, did not have the capacity or expertise to plan and execute these projects.

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