Disasters and Disaster Management – Sendai Framework, Floods, Cyclones, etc.

Cyclone Nada turns a damp squib

  1. What: Cyclone Nada, a cyclonic storm weakened into a deep depression and is now expected to cross the Tamil Nadu coast early Friday morning south of Cuddalore.
  2. Context: The cyclone was expected to bring the much needed rain to the Tamil Nadu coast after an extremely poor northeast monsoon season.
  3. Despite not living up to its billing, the rainfall has raised hopes of samba paddy farmers in certain parts of the delta districts.


Need for regional forecast centres

  1. There’s the need to revisit our forecast models, and fine tune model parameters.
  2. We need more focused regional forecasts, for corrective action both on the ground and in policy.
  3. Regionally-focused rainfall forecasts can boost the market for weather futures here.


Chennai is increasingly facing the threat of a water shortage in the wake of a poor North-east monsoon season. Read up on the phenomenon of north-east monsoon and why it was below average this season.

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