[Day 28] Target Mains: GS Questions

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GS I (Women Empowerment) (Duplex)

Despite the improvement in the condition of women empowerment, Indian women are still facing spousal violence by the hands of insecure family members and are forced to disown their properties. Discuss. What needs to be done ?

GS II (Issues and challenges pertaining to the federal structure) (Hattrick)

India’s inter-state disparity is not just confined to income levels. The states diverge on several other economic, social and demographic indicators. Elucidate. What are the challenges to India in coming future?

GS III (Economic Development) (Hattrick)

India is likely to post its first current account surplus in nine years, which should bolster the rupee though it is not a good sign for the economy as it reflects weak investment demand at home and subdued exports. Critically examine.

GS IV (Information sharing and transparency in government) (Duplex)

Is the liquor ban is a good idea ? Discuss.

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