Air Pollution

Delhi not ‘most polluted’, but dirty air fouls many cities

  1. Context: The latest ‘Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution Database (update 2016) released by WHO
  2. Delhi has improved its ranked in terms of most polluted city and Delhi’s place as most polluted is taken by Zabol in Iran
  3. Delhi stands 11th among 3000 cities of 103 countries in terms of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) and 25th in terms of bigger particulate matter (PM 10)
  4. Earlier: In 2014, Delhi was ranked as most polluted city in terms of PM 2.5
  5. Four cities of India are among the 10 world’s most polluted cities- Gwalior (2nd), Allahabad (3rd), Patna (6th), Raipur (7th)

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