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Difficult to have BS-VI vehicles for Delhi by 2018: Auto industry

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Mains Paper 3: Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment.

The following things are important from UPSC perspective:

Prelims level: BS VI Norms

Mains level:  This news card talks about the announcement by Ministry of Petroleum and natural gas to advance the introduction of BS VI fuels by April 2018 in NCR. Also lists out the issues involved in the advance implementation and whether feasible for the automobile industry or not


Industry not in a position to implement BS VI

  1. Auto industry said the government’s move to advance introduction of BS VI fuels in the Capital is a step in the right direction to fight pollution but it is not in a position to launch vehicles complying with the strict emission norm before April 2020
  2. Industry players also said there has to be a holistic approach to combat pollution in the national Capital and focus must also be on phasing out old vehicles

Announcements by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

  1. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas had announced the advanced introduction of BS VI fuels by April 2018 in the national capital territory considering the serious pollution levels in Delhi and adjoining areas
  2. The ministry also said oil marketing companies have also been asked to examine the possibility of introduction of BS-VI auto fuels in the whole of NCR from April 1, 2019

Views of Automobile Industry regarding advanced introduction of BS VI fuels in Delhi

  1. Many from the industry are of the view that no mainline player with multiple models will be able to launch complete portfolio of BS VI compliant vehicles by April 2018
  2. Automobile industry was given a roadmap by the ministry of road transport for implementation of BS-VI norms by April 2020 and they are working on the basis of that timeline
  3. It is not possible for the industry to advance that date at this stage
  4. However, it is still working on a stretched deadline to launch BS VI vehicles by April 2018 in New Delhi

Issues involved with advancing the date for introduction of BS VI fuels

  1. The potential problem with the launching of BS-VI vehicles only for Delhi is that the fuel will not be available outside the Capital and BS-VI vehicles cannot run on BS-IV fuel
  2. Also, if we are only looking at addressing vehicular pollution then old vehicles above 10-15 years depending on the type of fuel used need to be phased out
  3. A holistic approach is needed to address the pollution issue


BS-VI Norms

  1. The particulate matter emission in BS-V and BS-VI is same for diesel cars though it is 80% less than BS IV
  2. The nitrogen oxide (NOx) level is, however, 55% less in BS-VI over BS-V which in itself is 28% lower than BS IV
  3. The sulphur content in fuel norms for diesel and petrol under both BS-V and -VI standards does not change at 10 ppm, though it is substantially less than 50 mandated for both the fuels under BS-IV

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