Disasters and Disaster Management – Sendai Framework, Floods, Cyclones, etc.

Don’t blame nature, bolster disaster preparedness: parliamentary panel- II

  1. Co-ordinate: The administration of both centre and state should work together and remain vigilant to tackle the situation
  2. Challenge: Mitigation efforts are largely a state subject and Government of India can assist to the extent possible through various central government schemes
  3. Procedures: National Disaster Management Authority and all concerned bodies of central and state governments should have established procedures so that vital time is not lost in wriggling out procedural delays
  4. Urban floods: Since these are taking place in cities like Mumbai, Surat, Srinagar and Chennai, these indicate that the problem may further escalate in future
  5. Therefore, the guidelines prepared by NDMA should be scrupulously followed
  6. Review: Town planning of each city by giving due importance to clear flood channels, proper drainage, safe passage to excess water in lakes, other water bodies, de-siltation of river bed, removal of illegal encroachment

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