Crop Insurance – PMFBY, etc.

Drones better than satellites to gauge crop loss, says panel

  1. Context: A committee has been set up by NITI for studying how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used in crop insurance schemes
  2. UAVs work better: Drones trump the satellite technology for such purposes
  3. Why? The ideal alternative is to gather data from low heights (below the cloud) and at very high resolution where aerial photography or UAVs score over all available alternatives
  4. Current satellites: Which have even better than 10m spatial resolution would not be sufficient due to their non-availability during cloud cover, limited revisit possibility during the crop season and high price
  5. Sharing cadastral (land’s location, ownership, tenure) details, Aadhaar card and bank account details is mandatory for effective crop insurance policies
  6. Farmer field coordinates be made mandatory for issuance of insurance policy
  7. Why? Help in tracking the crop field throughout the crop season without much ground monitoring, and, any kind of loss can readily be verified from satellite data
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