Monsoon Updates

El-Nino is receding

  1. Context: World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said El Niño has passed its peak and is in retreat
  2. Relief: Should bring relief for policy planners in India after two consecutive years of drought
  3. One of the most powerful: We have just witnessed one of the most powerful ever El Niño events
  4. Effects: Caused extreme weather in countries on all continents and helped fuel record global heat in 2015
  5. But not a time to celebrate: In meteorological terms El Niño is now in decline but we cannot lower our guard as it is still quite strong
  6. Future impact: in humanitarian and economic terms, its impacts will continue for many months to come
  7. Effect on India: A normal monsoon would help improve India’s macroeconomic prospects and boost rural demand
  8. Rural distress: A challenge for India is rural distress, triggered by a combination of consecutive droughts and a collapse of global commodity prices

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