Ensure minimum standards of relief to disaster victims: Supreme Court

  1. Context: The havoc and humanitarian crisis caused by natural disasters shows that much is to be done to ensure that disaster victims access even minimum standards of relief
  2. Background: The National Disaster Management Act (NDMA) was enacted in 2005
  3. According to the Sec 12 of the Act, it is mandated to provide ‘Minimum Standards of Relief’ in disaster-hit areas
  4. News: SC ordered states to complete the framing of guidelines to provide ‘Minimum Standards of Relief’ mandated under Sec 12 of the Act
  5. It made a remark that providing minimum standards of relief under the NDMA is a fundamental duty of the State
  6. Criticism: There is a lack of concerted effort by the States in order to provide essential services such as shelter, food, drinking water, medical cover and sanitation at relief camps for disaster victims
Disasters and Disaster Management – Sendai Framework, Floods, Cyclones, etc.
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