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Exercise Sea Vigil


Mains Paper 2: Security | Security challenges and their management

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Exercise Sea Vigil

Mains level:  India’s maritime Security


Exercise Sea Vigil

  1. Ten years after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, India conducted its largest coastal defence drill, Exercise Sea Vigil.
  2. The exercise aims to test its preparedness along the entire 7,516.6 km-long-coastline and exclusive economic zone of the country.
  3. Exercise Sea Vigil aims to comprehensively and holistically validate the efficacy of the measures taken since 26/11.
  4. It aims to simultaneously activate the coastal security mechanism across all 13 coastal States and Union Territories.
  5. This involves the evaluation of critical areas and processes, including inter-agency coordination, information sharing and technical surveillance.
  6. Multi agency audit and identification of gaps, shortfalls and incorporation of lessons learnt into Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are also the desired outcomes.

Role of Indian Navy

  1. Post 26/11, the Navy was designated as the agency responsible for overall maritime security, including offshore and coastal security.
  2. The Coast Guard was designated as the agency responsible for coastal security in territorial waters.
  3. A multi-tiered patrol and surveillance mechanism with focus on technical surveillance and augmenting Maritime Domain Awareness through the coastal radar chain was adopted.
  4. Progress has been made in real-time information sharing through the National Command Control Communication and Intelligence (NC3I) Network and improving intelligence and operational coordination.
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