Monsoon Updates

Experts unsure if El Nino will fade away

  1. News: Meteorologists expect the monsoon in 2016 to be normal but are unclear if El Nino will completely fade away during the crucial monsoon months
  2. About: El Nino refers to an anomalous heating up of the waters in the central-eastern regions of the equatorial Pacific
  3. This implies a consistent, average rise in temperature of 0.5 degree Celsius above normal
  4. Relevance: Historically that translates to the monsoon drying up over India 6 in 10 years
  5. About La Nina: when waters in the same regions dip at least 0.5 degree Celsius and generally considered favourable for the monsoon, is only expected to set in after Sept
  6. Relevance: 2015 was only the fourth time in a 100-yr span that El Nino-like conditions raged on for 2 consecutive yrs

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