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 Mains paper 3:Internal Security| basics of cyber security

From UPSC perspective following things are important:

Prelims level: Ransomware

Mains level: This article deals with Why Cybersecurity in India needs to be integrated in every aspect of policy and planning. Cyber security is a hot topic in mains.Every year UPSC asks a question in it in mains.Even in 2017 mains they asked 1 question on Cybersecurity.


Performance of India with respect to Digital and Knowledge-based economy

  1. India is one of the key players in the digital and knowledge-based economy, holding more than a 50% share of the world’s outsourcing market.
  2. Pioneering and technology-inspired programmes such as Aadhaar, MyGov, Government e-Market, DigiLocker, Bharat Net, Startup India, Skill India and Smart Cities are propelling India towards technological competence and transformation.
  3. India is already the third largest hub for technology-driven startups in the world and its Information and Communications Technology sector is estimated to reach the $225 billion landmark by 2020.

 Vulnerabilities of India with respect to cyberspace

  1. India is the fifth most vulnerable country in the world in terms of cybersecurity breaches.
  2. According to the Internal Security Threat Report of 2017 by Symantec. Till June 2017, 27,482 cybersecurity threats had been reported in the country.

Which Types of Attacks are most common in recent years?

  1. Ransomware attacks have been the most common in the last few years (Ransomware is a type of software that threatens to publish a person’s data or block it unless a ransom is paid).
  2. Apart from WannaCry and Petya, other Ransomware attacks that made news globally were Locky, Cerber, Bucbi, SharkRaaS, CryptXXX and SamSam.
  3. In India, in May 2017, a data breach at the food delivery App, Zomato, led to personal information of about 17 million users being stolen and put for sale on the Darknet. The company had to negotiate with the hacker in order to get it taken down.

Which devices are more vulnerable for attacks?

  1. While Windows operating systems were the most vulnerable to cyberattacks, a number of Android threats have been reported in the last couple of years, including potent crypto-ransomware attacks on Android devices.
  2. The attacks aren’t limited to mobile phones and e-Pads. All devices, including televisions that use Android, are also potentially vulnerable.
  3. In 2016, the first known Ransomware, named KeRanger, targeting Mac users was also reported.
  4. The Mirai botnet malware affected 2.5 million home router users and other Internet of Things devices


What should India do?

  1. Given the huge number of online users and continued efforts on affordable access, cybersecurity needs to be integrated in every aspect of policy and planning.
  2. India needs to quickly frame an appropriate and updated cybersecurity policy, create adequate infrastructure, and foster closer collaboration between all those involved to ensure a safe cyberspace.
  3. There is a need for a Geneva-like Convention to agree on some high-level recommendations among nations to keep the Internet safe, open, universal and interoperable.


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