Four extinct plant species rediscovered


  1. News: 4 species of Impatiens (Kasi Thumba) plants believed to have gone extinct were rediscovered from Western Ghats
  2. Where? Rediscovery made during explorations at Dhoni Hills of Palakkad and Nelliampathy, Kerala
  3. Rediscovered plants: Impatiens concinna, Impatiens sasidharanii, Impatiens neo-modesta , and Impatiens sasidharanii var hirsuta ,
  4. Significance: great medicinal values
  5. Found in: tropical Asian and African regions
  6. According to the researchers: Plants usually found 2,000 ft above sea level, are short-lived and will be seen only one quarter of a year
  7. Climate Change effect: It is possible that any slight change in weather could sound the death knell for these plants. They are so sensitive to climate
New Species of Plants and Animals Discovered
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