Make in India: Challenges & Prospects

Govt. eyes 2 mn. jobs in mobile phone units

  • The government expects its ‘major new policy’ of phased manufacturing programme to create 2 million jobs and half a billion dollars worth of mobile manufacturing activity in the country over the next five to seven years.
  • The Centre will initiate fresh talks with Cupertino based Apple which will now have to calibrate its plans to manufacture its iconic iPhones in the country, in line with a new phased manufacturing programme for mobile phones notified on Friday.
  • A major scheme for infrastructure in electronics manufacturing clusters has been launched under which 8,000 acres of land will be developed across the country over the next three years.
  • The basic issue for mobile phones was that it became cheaper to import components as well as finished goods after India signed the World Trade Organisation’s ITA-1 pact (Information Technology Agreement), under which certain inputs for IT products were exempted from duties.
  • With the intention to substantially increase value addition within the country, the programme envisages
    promoting the sub-assembly of mechanics, microphone and receiver, keypad and USB cables in 2017-18; printed circuit boards, camera modules and connectors in 2018- 19; and display assembly, touch panels, vibrator motor and ringer in 2019-20.
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