Urban Floods

Govt. teams up with Google for flood warningPriority 1


Mains Paper 3: Science & Technology | developments & their applications & effects in everyday life

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Central Water Commission (CWC), India Meteorological Department, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, geospatial mapping,

Mains level: Flood management in India and need of better practices to ensure minimal loss of life and property


Better flood warning

  1. Union Water Resources Ministry has teamed up with Google to generate flood warnings
  2. If there are signs of an imminent flood, a Google Maps user will be able to see what regions are likely to see water logging first and if their neighborhood is under threat
  3. Google will provide a visualization via Google Maps and people will be able to see water levels build up in a region

Technology sharing

  1. CWC and Google will share technical expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, geospatial mapping and analysis of hydrological observation data to improve flood prediction systems, provide location-targeted, actionable flood warnings
  2. Google Earth Engine will be used to help visualize and improve flood management and initiate a cultural project to build online exhibitions on the ‘Rivers of India’

Present system of warning

  1. Currently, the Central Water Commission (CWC) warns of floods based on the rising water levels in reservoirs and if these are nearing a dam’s ‘danger marks’
  2. Last year, it began a trial programme to give 3-day flood forecasts
  3. The India Meteorological Department now provides inputs to the CWC on whether heavy rainfall is likely and if this could translate into large amounts of rainwater overflowing from river banks or catchments

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