Here’s how Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif’s ouster will impact India

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Mains Paper 2: IR | India and its neighborhood- relations.

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims Level: Not Much

Mains Level: It is important to know the possible effects on Indian Foreign policy after these kind of incidents in the neighbor.



  1. The article is related to the recent ouster of the Pakistan’s PM and its possible effects on India

Why was Nawaz Sharif ousted?

  1. The court ruled that Mr. Sharif was dishonest in failing to disclose in his 2013 election nomination papers his association with a UAE-based company
  2. And therefore was unfit to continue in office

What it means for India?(short run)

  1. For India, it may not mean much in the short term as the Pakistan government has never been free of military interference in its policy towards India
  2. Since the attack on the Indian Army base in Uri last year, India-Pakistan relations have been strained
  3. The Kulbhushan Jadhav case worsened the ties
  4. Therefore, there was little chance of Sharif making any move to improve the ties with India independent of the military

What it means for India?(long run)

  1. It is good for India if Pakistan is demilitarised, as it desists from sending terrorists into the Indian territory
  2. But in the longer term, military dominance in Pakistan is not positive for India
  3. A free hand for military due to the political instability will increase tensions with India
  4. Also, with Sharif’s exit, there is little chance of any strong leader emerging in future
Foreign Policy Watch: India-Pakistan
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