Censorship Issues – Censor Board, Banning films, etc

In name of fake news, Government frames rules to blacklist journalists


Mains Paper 2: Polity | Statutory, regulatory & various quasi-judicial bodies

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Press Council of India, News Broadcasters Association

Mains level: Ethical issues related to Media in India

New guidelines for journalists

  1. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has amended guidelines for journalists’ accreditation
  2. If a journalist is found to have “created and/or propagated” fake news, the journalist’s accreditation will be suspended or permanently canceled

Authorities to take the decision

  1. The Press Council of India and News Broadcasters Association (NBA), the two regulatory bodies for print and television media respectively, will determine whether the news is fake or not
  2. These bodies are not “regulated/operated” by the government
  3. The regulatory agencies will examine whether the `Norms of Journalistic Conduct’ and `Code of Ethics and Broadcasting Standards’ prescribed by the PCI and NBA respectively are adhered to by the journalists


Press Council of India

  1. The Press Council is a statutory, quasi-judicial body which acts as a watchdog of the press
  2. It adjudicates the complaints against and by the press for violation of ethics and for violation of the freedom of the press respectively
  3. It was first set up on 4 July 1964 by the Parliament to regulate the press in India
  4. The basis at that time was the Press Council Act, 1965 which resulted from the recommendations of the First Press Commission of India (1952-1999)
  5. After 2017, the Council functions under the Press Council Act 1978 which arose from the recommendations of the Second Press Commission of India (1978)
  6. The Press Council is headed by a Chairman: usually, a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India
  7. It consists of a Chairman and 28 other members. Of the 28 members, 13 represent the working journalists

News Broadcasters Association

  1. The News Broadcasters Association is a private association of different current affairs and news television broadcasters in India
  2. It was established by leading Indian news broadcasters in October 2008
  3. The association was set up to deal with ethical, operational, regulatory, technical and legal issues affecting news and current-affairs channels
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