India falling short of meeting conservation goals on biodiversity


Mains Paper 3: Environment | Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment

From UPSC perspectives, the following things are important

Prelims Level: Strategic Plan for Biodiversity for 2011-2020

Mains Level: The issues discussed in the newscard.


India is falling way short of fulfilling conservation goals

  1. In the last three years, it has lost 36,500 hectares of forest land to development
  2. Expansion of National Highways 6 and 7 in central India is destroying at least six crucial tiger corridors, including the Pench-Kanha corridor
  3. The submergence of a part of the Panna tiger reserve by river interlinking projects, proposed denotification of tiger reserves for mining and hydropower projects are also huge setbacks for the conservation of biodiversity

Convention on Biological Biodiversity (CBD): Not as per expectations

  1.  A total of 196 countries, including India, are signatories of the CBD and will highlight their achievements as part of the programme
  2. All 196 signatories are part of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity for 2011-2020
  3. However, with only two years left for completion, experts say there is little to celebrate when the actual figures and status are considered

Financial Issues

  1. India currently spends about $2 billion per year on biodiversity conservation efforts,
  2. but the country requires between $5-15 billion more every year to meet its biodiversity conservation targets

Reality is quite different from Government Data

  1. Yet there are glaring examples of how natural forest is getting fragmented by linear infrastructure
  2. Rampant poaching of endangered species, excessive pollution, unplanned infrastructure and urban development are indicating a decline in biodiversity
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