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India, Seychelles talk of ‘mutual welfare’ on Assumption Island project

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Mains Paper 2: IR | Bilateral, regional & global groupings & agreements involving India &/or affecting India’s interests

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Location of Assumption Island and other archipelagos in IOR

Mains level: India-Seychelles defense cooperation


U-turn on Assumption Islands

  1. National Assembly of Seychelles last week refused to ratify the naval base that India has been planning to build on the island of Assumption.
  2. The island has been at the centre of high profile maritime diplomacy between India and Seychelles, which was boosted with Prime Minister Modi’s 2015 visit.
  3. It is not clear how both sides would take the project forward in the absence of a parliamentary ratification.

Enhancing cooperation through security and infrastructure

  1. PM Modi announced several initiatives for the strategically located country that included the grant of a major Line of Credit (LoC) for the purchase of defense hardware of $100 million.
  2. He also declared that both sides would intensify cooperation to carry out hydrographical studies of the maritime region and have declared exchange of necessary oceanic maps between two sides.
  3. India also gifted a Dornier aircraft to Seychelles.
  4. India is ready to finance three civilian infrastructure projects in Seychelles under Special Grant. Government House, New Police Headquarters and the Office of the Attorney General is included in this.

Other details

  1. Seychelles will soon be celebrating the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the Indian origin people to the archipelago.
  2. Visiting Seychelles President gifted two large Aldabra turtles that are unique and are known to live for centuries.
  3. Both sides sealed six agreements including one that will twin Panjim in Goa with Victoria of Seychelles.
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shivam rajawat
shivam rajawat
1 year ago

Agalega island comes under Mauritius ,then why heere in the map it shows Seychelles