e-Waste Management

India’s e-waste growing at 30% per annum: study- III

  1. Over 95% of e-waste generated is managed by the unorganised sector and scrap dealers in this market, dismantle the disposed products instead of recycling it
  2. About 4-5 lakhs child labours between the age group of 10-15 are observed to be engaged in various e-waste (electronic waste) activities, without adequate protection and safeguards in various yards and recycling workshops
  3. Despite the Indian government stringent law to regulate e-waste trade, destitute children still face hazards picking apart old computers, TV etc.
  4. Health: About 2/3 of e-waste workers in India suffering from respiratory ailments like breathing difficulties, irritation, coughing, choking, tremors problem
  5. Need: To bring out effective legislation to prevent entry of child labour into its collection, segregation and distribution

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