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India’s heaviest satellite GSAT-11 is aloft in space from Kourou


Mains Paper 3: Science & Technology | Awareness in the fields of IT, Space

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Particulars of the GSAT-11

Mains level: Utilities of the GSAT -11 to high speed Internet services in India


  • As most of India slept, its heaviest and most advanced communication satellite, GSAT-11, was shot to space from a European spaceport in faraway South America.
  • GSAT-11 was launched from the Guiana Space Centre at Kourou in French Guiana.

About GSAT -11

  1. GSAT-11 is the heaviest ever built by ISRO.
  2. Its next biggest is the GSAT-17, weighing 3,477 kg and which was also launched for ISRO in June 2017 by the same European launch operator Arianespace.
  3. GSAT-11 is part of ISRO’s new family of high-throughput communication satellite (HTS) fleet that will drive the country’s Internet broadband from space to untouched areas.
  4. The broadband domain is now ruled by underground fibre and covers partial and convenient locations.

High-speed data

  1. Already up in space are two HTSs — GSAT-29 (November 14) and GSAT-19 (June 2017) — while one more is due to join them in the near future.
  2. They are all to provide high-speed Internet data services at the rate of 100 Gbps (Gigabits per second) to Indian users.
  3. ISRO has earlier said this speed would be far better than what is available in the country now.
  4. The HTSs will also be the backbone of pan-India digital or easy Internet-based programmes and services — such as Digital India, BharathNet for rural e-governance, and commercial and public sector VSAT Net service providers.
  5. According to ISRO, GSAT-11’s multiple spot beam coverage — 32 in Ku band and eight in Ka bands — will deliver an improved service of 16 gbps over the Indian region and nearby islands.

Arianespace and India

  1. Arianespace will launch two more GSATs, 31 & 30, which would be orbited from Guiana. GSAT-31 would go up first in early 2019.
  2. Since 1981 Arianespace has put to space 22 Indian communication satellites (including GSAT-11) and will launch GSAT-31 and GSAT-30 in 2019.
  3. It also holds the highest number of 590 commercial satellite launches to date worldwide.
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