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India’s solar power capacity crosses 10,000 MW I

  1. Source: A report by Bridge to India, a global solar energy consulting firm
  2. Major milestone: Cumulative solar capacity, including rooftop and off-grid segments, has crossed 10,000 MW in the country
  3. Reasons: Because of strong government support and the increasing price competitiveness of solar power
  4. India is expected to become the world’s third biggest solar market next year, after China and the US
  5. An average annual capacity addition of 8-10 GW per annum is expected from next year
  6. Utility-scale solar accounts for more than 85% of the total installed capacity. Rooftop solar, is about 10% of the sector
  7. Improving net metering implementation and subsidy disbursal are expected to lead to a significant demand boost for rooftop solar across consumer segments

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