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India’s solar power capacity crosses 10,000 MW II

  1. State capacity: Tamil Nadu has the highest installed capacity, followed by Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat
  2. The report pointed out that the solar park scheme has also been instrumental in tackling the two major issues of land acquisition and power evacuation for project development
  3. The govt originally envisaged developing 20,000 MW of solar park capacity by 2020
  4. But the scheme has received an enthusiastic response from the private sector and the govt is already planning to double this capacity to 40,000 MW
  5. Further, 8 green energy corridors are under construction, with financial assistance from German development bank KFW
  6. These will evacuate and integrate the growing share of renewable energy into the grid
  7. The corridors will allow transmission of solar power from the solar rich states to other states

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