Irrigation In India – PMKSY, AIBP, Watershed Management, Neeranchan, etc.

Innovations in place for irrigation projects

  1. Purpose: To ensure that these projects are completed
  2. Funding: The key hindrance used to be that States lacked funds to complete projects but now rules have been amended to allow them to get loans from NABARD for their projects
  3. States can also borrow additional funds from NABARD
  4. Through NABARD, the government will provide 15-year loans at 6% interest and ensure that a project is sanctioned only if panchayats and local water-use associations are closely involved
  5. The average cost over-run of projects so far has been 352% with some more than 2000%
  6. Monitoring: The status of a project with an app
  7. To ensure efficiency we need more participation from end-users

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