Monsoon Updates

It’s official: India set for an ‘above normal’ monsoon

  1. News: India’s official weather forecasting agency too has said the monsoon is likely to be “above normal” and likely to be 106% of the average of 89 cm
  2. Reason: Waning El Nino and Positive Indian Ocean Dipole is also likely to form during the middle of the monsoon season
  3. Distribution: The monsoon will be fairly well distributed but southeast India will get slightly less rain
  4. Some regions would see floods and that the chances of drought were only 1% this year
  5. Observation: In the last century, 7 out of 10 years that followed an El Nino saw normal or above normal monsoon rains in India
  6. Fact: The years 2014 and 2015 were among the strongest El Nino years in meteorological history

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