Kashmiri start-up aims to fight pashmina fakes

  1. News: Srinagar-based start-up aims to sell pashmina shawls, woven from rare wool extracted from chiru in upper reaches of the state
  2. Protection with GI tag: Help to protect new buyers from being cheated into purchasing fakes
  3. What’s the Problem? J&K is battling a high level of unemployment with about 7 lakh educated youth left looking for jobs
  4. State ranks at number 29 on Ease of Doing Business indicator according to a World Bank survey, reflecting the lack of government support for new start-ups
  5. What’s Requirement? Start-ups require an incubation centre where youngsters can toy with their ideas with minimum risk factor
  6. Need of a mechanism to allow free-flow of investment in Kashmir without any fear and hurdles
Start-up Ecosystem In India
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