Kelkar chalks out rules for PPP revival

Infrastructure investments of about Rs.12 lakh cr remained stuck as of end-Dec. 2014.

  1. The Kelkar panel has come out with clear-cut norms on resolving issues and clarifying norms on re-negotiation of contracts.
  2. Kelkar Committee report has recommended creation of multi-disciplinary expert institutions.
  3. To address the problem of stalled PPP projects and legacy issues plaguing the projects.
  4. The report says that an Infrastructure PPP Project Review Committee (IPRC) be constituted comprising at least one expert in finance and economics, law.
  5. It recommends creation of an Infrastructure PPP Adjudication Tribunal, to be chaired by a former SC Judge or former HC Chief Justice, with at least 1 technical and financial member.
PPP Investment Models: HAM, Swiss Challenge, Kelkar Committee
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