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Lagoon villas to come to Lakshadweep’s emeralds


Mains Paper 2: Governance | Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Holistic Development of Islands

Mains level: Enhancing Tourism Potential of the Islands of India


NITI Aayog Strategy to boost Tourism

  1. NITI Aayog through its plan for “holistic development of the islands” is set to boost eco tourism in Lakshadweep lagoons.
  2. It is planning to set up island water villas which in turn will be a popular alternative to leading destinations such as Mauritius and Maldives.
  3. The apex planning body, along with other stakeholders, including the Island Development Agency (IDA) is conducting a technical feasibility study for the project.

Details of the Plan

  1. The panel is identifying an island where a film city can be built.
  2. The new idea will not only attract tourists but also relieve some of the pressure on Mumbai as a filming hub.
  3. As part of the plan, the government will issue tenders for four tourism-based hospitality projects – three in Andaman & Nicobar, and one in Lakshadweep.
  4. These will mainly be eco-cottages for which private players can bid to build. The projects will add about 700 rooms.
  5. Ecological concerns and tribal-related issues are fully taken care of.

Foreign Tourists on Decline

  1. The arrival of domestic tourists in Andaman and Nicobar islands rose from over 2.02 lakh in 2011 to over 3.84 lakh in 2016.
  2. However the inflow of foreign tourists was stagnant at around 15,000.
  3. This is in spite of the fact that globally, there is a high demand for eco-tourism, adventure tourism (sea sports, game fishing) and cruise tourism.

Better Island Connectivity in A&N

  1. The Diglipur Airport (in the Andamans) is expected to be operational for civilian aircraft by December, 2018.
  2. Better connectivity to Diglipur, Port Blair, Car Nicobar and Campbell Bay through smaller aircraft, supplemented with more helicopter services will boost inter-island connectivity in Andaman and Nicobar.
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