Make in India: Challenges & Prospects

Maharashtra bets big on ‘Make in India’ Week

Maharashtra and Mumbai are likely to be among the biggest beneficiaries of the Make in India Week, with the government going all out to make it a showpiece event.

  1. Maharashtra will host the biggest pavilion among the 17 State pavilions at the Make in India
  2. This event showcase potential as an investment destination over 10,000 sq ft, the State is likely to sign MoUs worth Rs. 4 lakh crore during the event
  3. The State will begin its pitch for investment on February 14 with the Maharashtra Textile seminar to attract investment in textile parks
  4. Though Maharashtra is one of the largest cotton producing States, only 25 per cent of its produce gets used here
  5. So in line with from-farm-to-fashion call given by the PM, this intend to scale it up to ensure that all the cotton gets utilised with direct benefit to farmers

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