Irrigation In India – PMKSY, AIBP, Watershed Management, Neeranchan, etc.

Maharashtra farmers to get sops for using solar pumps


Mains Paper 3: Agriculture | Different types of irrigation and irrigation systems storage

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: ASKP Scheme

Mains level: Facilitating Irrigation through solar power


  • To encourage farmers to use solar agriculture pumps, the Maharashtra government has decided to give two LED bulbs, a DC fan and a mobile charging socket as freebies.

Atal Solar Krishi Pump (ASKP) Yojana

  1. Maharashtra govt. has launched ASKP scheme for farmers to provide subsidy of upto 95% on solar agriculture pumpsets.
  2. Farmers with less than 5 acres of land just need to day 5% i.e. Rs. 12,000 and get three horse power pump
  3. Farmers with more than 5 acres of land just need to pay Rs. 30,000 and get five horse power solar powered pump

Benefits of the Initiative

  1. The State aims to reduce losses due to non-payment of electricity bills and also promote solar energy by implementing the scheme.
  2. The scheme would be beneficial to farmers who reside in remote areas where the agricultural feeder is not possible.
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