Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Malabar Tree Toad


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Malabar Tree Toad

Mains level : Western Ghats and its biodiversity richness

A Bengaluru-based non-profit is working to train and equip residents of villages in the Western Ghats stretching from Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu for mapping the range of an extremely rare species of Malabar Tree toad.

Malabar tree toad

  • The Malabar tree toad (Pedostibes tuberculosus), or warty Asian tree toad, is a species of toad found in forests along the Western Ghats of India south of Goa.
  • It is a small species and is found in wet tree hollows or leaf bases containing water.
  • It is an endangered species and spends most of its life on trees, coming to the ground only during the first monsoon showers to mate.
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