N-plant parts to be made in India

The localisation plans are part of the government’s Make in India initiative

  1. In a move that could become a model for countries keen for a share of India’s civil nuclear energy pie
  2. India and Russia have set up a working group to locally build components for nuclear power plants of Russian design
  3. This is based on the Action Program signed between Rosatom and the Department of Atomic Energy(DAE) of India
  4. India is looking to majorly ramp up nuclear power generation to overcome power shortages and reduce carbon emissions under its global commitments.
  5. The Action Program includes areas of cooperation in the field of joint machinery production for nuclear power plants
  6. The 3 joint working groups set up are –
  • The nuclear fuel cycle
  • Nuclear energy
  • Scientific-technical cooperation.
Make in India: Challenges & Prospects
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