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National anthem must be played before screening of films: Supreme Court

  1. What: The SC has ordered all cinema halls across the country to play the national anthem before the screening of films
  2. It said that all present must “stand up in respect” till the anthem ended
  3. Furthermore, it said the practice would “instill a feeling within one a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism”
  4. Cinema halls should also display the national flag on screen when the anthem is played
  5. The Bench said it is the duty of every person to show respect when the national anthem is played or recited or sung under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act of 1951
  6. In its interim order, the SC issued a complete ban on the commercial exploitation of the national anthem and the flag
  7. It banned dramatisation of the anthem or it to be used in any part of any variety shows or for entertainment purposes
  8. The court banned the display of the national anthem on any undesirable or disgraceful places
  9. It also banned the display, recitation or use of the abridged version of the national anthem
  10. The SC was hearing a plea to clarify when the national anthem should be sung
  11. Background: The SC’s decision to consider this PIL followed after a wheelchair-bound man was assaulted by a couple at a cinema hall in Panaji for not standing up during the rendition of the anthem


The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 is an Act of the Parliament of India which prohibits desecration of or insult to the country’s national symbols, including

  1. The National Flag,
  2. The Constitution,
  3. Indian map and
  4. The National Anthem.

Significant amendments were added in 2003 and 2005, which prohibited many previously common uses of the flag, such as draping it over a podium during a speech, using it as decoration, or incorporating it into clothing designs.


Any SC judgment is important from the mains perspective. Note the judgment down, it will be useful for questions on patriotism, nationalism etc.

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