Neutrinos from beyond the Milky Way

There is a strong evidence that many of the neutrinos detected by the IceCube detector may be extragalactic.

  1. The IceCube observatory is made up of instrumentation lodged within a cubic kilometre of ice in the Antarctic and is designed to detect neutrinos of even very high energies which can exceed those produced in accelerators such as the LHC by a factor of more than a million.
  2. The neutrinos sampled have energy which matches that of neutrinos detected when sampling the sky of the South Pole.
  3. Very high energy neutrinos are created deep inside violent astrophysical events far away in the universe. Since the neutrinos hardly react with matter on the way to the earth, they hold pristine information of the sources where they were born.
  4. Such neutrinos may in the future be used to develop the science of neutrino astronomy,studying them may reveal how nature creates powerful accelerators in the cosmos.
  5. The observations, composed of thousands of detectors placed beneath the Antarctic ice at the South Pole, towards the Northern Hemisphere.
  6. Neutrinos coming in from that direction and filtered by the thickness of the Earth were detected.
  7. In the two years from May 2010 to May 2012, nearly 35,000 events were recorded of which only about 20 were due to neutrinos of such high energies as to come from astrophysical sources.

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