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Nilavembu Kudineer


Mains Paper 2: Governance | Issues relating to development & management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources

From the UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Nilavembu Kudineer

Mains level: Need of promoting AYUSH system of medicines


  • The Tamil Nadu government has distributed nilavembu kudineer (a Siddha medicine) concoction to treat people infected with dengue during the outbreak.

Nilavembu kudineer: Healing Dengue and chikungunya

  1. Under in vitro conditions, nilavembu kudineer (a Siddha medicine) was found to provide protection against chikungunya virus while it was effective as a treatment during acute phase of dengue infection.
  2. Dengue subtype-2, which is the most prevalent subtype in India, was used for testing the formulation.
  3. There was significant antiviral activity of the formulation at 3% of human dose onwards.
  4. Currently, there is no treatment for dengue and chikungunya.
  5. The mode of action is antiviral in the case of dengue while immuno-modulatory in chikungunya infection.

About Sidhha Medicines

  1. Siddha medicine is a system of traditional medicine originating in ancient Tamilakam (Tamil Nadu) in South India and Sri Lanka.
  2. Traditionally, it is taught that the siddhars laid the foundation for this system of medication.
  3. Siddhars were spiritual adepts who possessed the ashta siddhis, or the eight supernatural powers.
  4. Agastyar is considered the first siddha and the guru of all siddhars; the siddha system is believed to have been handed over to him by Shiva.
  5. Siddha is focused on “Ashtamahasiddhi,” the eight supernatural power. Those who attained or achieved these powers are known as Siddhars.
  6. There were 18 important Siddhars in olden days and they developed this system of medicine.
  7. The Siddhars wrote their knowledge in palm leaf manuscripts, fragments of which were found in parts of South India.
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