Cyber Security – CERTs, Policy, etc

Govt plans Bill with more teeth to tackle cyber crimes


Mains Paper 3: Basics of cyber security

The following things are important from UPSC perspective:

Prelims: Inter Ministerial Committee.

Mains level: Steps being taken by the government to tackle rising number of cyber attacks post demonetization.



Post-demonetization a spurt in number of cyber crimes has been observed-

  1.  In 2016-17, 998 crore digital transaction were reported as compared to 552 crore in 2015-16 and 369 crore in 2014-15.
  2.  As many as 1,44,496 cyber security attacks have been observed in the country in the past three years.
  3. CBI in December last year registered multiple FIRs after e-wallet company, Paytm filed a complaint, alleging that its customers were cheated to the tune of Rs 9.41 lakh soon after demonestisation.
  4. According to RBI data made available to the MHA, as many as 16,468 complaints related to ATM fraud, debit and credit card misuse and net banking hacking were filed with them in 2015-16 as compared to 13,083 in 2014-15.

So, in order to tackle these problems, the government plans to bring a digital payment Bill to strengthen legal framework and enhance surveillance to check cyber crimes in the financial sector, including frauds targeting cards and e-wallets.

  1. An inter-ministerial committee headed by the home minister will be setup to first study existing laws to deal with cyber crimes and then propose new legislation.
  2. The inter-ministerial panel will have representatives from the RBI, financial services, ministry of electronics and information technology, Delhi police and the National Cyber Security Coordinator.
  3. The proposed legislation will not only deal with punishment and fine but it will also have measures to fix responsibility in cases where digital transactions land in any dispute.
  4. The Home Minister directed all agencies concerned to take required measures in a time-bound manner and emphasized on the coordination of all agencies in this regard.

 Way Forward

To contain the rising number of cyber attacks-

·          Capacity building of various stakeholders — such as police, judicial officers, forensic scientists as well as officials in the banking sector should be focused upon and both legal and technological steps needs to be taken to address the problem.


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