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Mains Paper 2: IR | India and its neighborhood- relations.

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: ASEAN, BRI, etc.

Mains level: The newscard briefly explains the current issues related to Indian-Sino relationship.


Contentious relationship between India and China

  1. India is perhaps the only major power frontally challenging China’s attempt to redraw the global economic landscape through BRI
  2. India has countered the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, an important element of the BRI, even at the cost of getting regionally and globally isolated when it decided not to attend the BRI summit in May 2017
  3. India said: “No country can accept a project that ignores its core concerns on sovereignty and territorial integrity”

Complications between India and China continues

  1. China’s engagement in India’s neighbourhood seemed to be growing with the Left Alliance winning in Nepal and the signing of a Free Trade Agreement between China and the Maldives
  2. China’s relationship with Pakistan has become stronger with Beijing now openly batting for Pakistan, whether it is in scuttling Indian attempts to get Pakistan-based terror outfits banned by the UNSC
  3. Or preventing India from joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group

Efforts from Indian side to counter China’s rising influence

  1. On the margins of the ASEAN summit in Manila, India participated in the first formal official-level discussions of the ‘Quad’, the quadrilateral formation that also includes Japan, the U.S., and Australia
  2. India’s ‘Act East Policy’ too has been in full gear with all 10 heads of state/ government of the ASEAN participating in this month’s Republic Day celebrations

The way forward

  1. Both India and China need to find common ground to work seriously so that some tangible outcomes can be achieved
  2. New realities confront India and China
  3. For India, China’s rise as a great power in its own vicinity presents a challenge that it has not encountered in the past
  4. China is facing a New India which, unlike before, is willing to challenge China
  5. Old formulations and principles seem to have outlived their usefulness.

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